SilverLight Debugging

I was working through a tutorial for SilverLight over the weekend and things were going just fine until the debugger just didn’t seem to want to hit my break points. Oddly they were working fine but I did see on the net that some people had problems a while back with this. In those cases there is a check box added to the project properties where you select ASP.NET debugging that was getting turned off. For those the solution had been moved.. this is not the case for me of course so maybe there is another issue there someplace.
Has anyone run into this situation? I guess I can try the old standby of making a new project to see if it still fails to hit the break points or try not hosting in a web page.
Update: I found out that using a browser other then IE will cause this to happen. Sure enough.. after I reset IE as the default browser then the debugger hit my break points once again. The odd thing is it was working just fine for a while.. go figure.