Little Gems – Balsamiq Mockups

If you are like me you tend to download a lot of software from the net. Open Source, Demos, Free/Share ware and the list goes on. I happened onto a little gem that is starting to make my life easier.
Here is the problem:
I write software for a living.. period. One of the hardest things is trying to come up with a solid user interface with your clients. Sure I’ve used things like Visio and PowerPoint in the past with decent results. There is a tendency with some clients to not make the logical leap that it takes time to actually implement the screen design. What they see is rapid layout and assume thats as hard as it gets.
Enter Balsamiq Mockups. How is this application any different? Well first off the mockups look like they are hand drawn; something you might come up with if you sat down with your client and grabbed a stack paper and a pen.